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That part of the central nervous system inside our heads that controls all our perceptions, thoughts, feelings and voluntary movements.

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Anatomy; Brain

The two halves of the Cerebral Cortex. These hemispheres are separate but connected. The left side of your brain connects to the right side of your body, while the right brain connects to the left ...


Anatomy; Brain

Brain scans use computerized x-rays and magnetic fields to show the parts of the brain. The scans give doctors and scientists a picture of how the brain is working. Some of the different kinds of ...


Anatomy; Brain

Biochemical substances that are produced by specific cells, tissues, or glands in the body. Hormones regulate the growth and functions of cells and tissues in the body. A examples of a hormone is ...

cranial nerves

Anatomy; Brain

12 pairs of nerves that carry information to and from sense organs, muscles and internal organs. The cranial nerves include: olfactory nerve (smell), optic nerve (sight), oculomotor nerve (eye ...


Anatomy; Brain

Located in the back of brain, cerebellum is a busy switching station. It receives messages from most of the muscles and joints of your body. It communicates with the other parts of brain, and then ...


Anatomy; Brain

Part of the limbic system always alert to threats.


Anatomy; Brain

The part of the brainstem that joins the hemispheres of the cerebellum and connects the cerebrum with the cerebellum. It is where the four pairs of cranial nerves originalte: the fifth (facial ...

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