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Building/real property

Referring to a legally defined portion of land and the man-made improvements made to it or built on it such as buildings, roads etc.

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Building/real property


Construction; Building/real property

Versatile types of transportation vehicles. For example, mini buses, pick ups, the kind of box.

public utilities

Construction; Building/real property

Supporting facilities for environmental services.


Construction; Architecture

water recipient like a well or a tank

activated-sludge effluent

Construction; Building/real property

The liquid from the activated-sludge treatment that is further processed by chlorination or by oxidation.


Construction; Building/real property

Refers to an area of overlap belonging to two special planning zones, as when bay windows, porches and entryways extend the building's volume of facade into open space. A margin's size and features ...

open, openness

Construction; Building/real property

Describes the character of buildings - usually multi-tenant buildings - organized on levels to maximize capacity to transform while distributing choice, control and responsibility and reducing ...

open architecture

Construction; Building/real property

Broadly describes building design and construction practices which consciously create capacity for transformation.

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