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Calculus is the mathmatical study of change. Calculus has two branches, differential calculus and integral calculus.

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Mathematics; Calculus

Abacus is a frame with sliding beads on rows of wires or rods and is used for counting.


Mathematics; Calculus

The process of increasing one number by another in order to figure out the sum of the two numbers.


Mathematics; Calculus

Using continuously moving parts to show information that is changing. The position of the hands of a clock is an analog representation of time.


Mathematics; Calculus

The use of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to solve mathematical problems is termed as arithmetics.


Mathematics; Calculus

The number that is the result of dividing the sum of a set of number of items in the set by the number of items.It is also called arithmetic mean.


Mathematics; Calculus

A device for weighing objects or amounts. A balance usually has a horizontal bar with a pan hanging at each end.


Mathematics; Calculus

Bhaskara was an Indian mathematician who was the first person to show how decimals are used. He died in 1185.

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