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A large, fortified building or set of buildings, that are usually walled.

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Architecture; Castles

The appearance of Bodiam Castle is exactly how most people imagine a medieval castle should look like, with its square of walls, a round tower at each corner, and a square tower midway along each ...

Berwick Castle

Architecture; Castles

Very little remains of what was once the most important of all the border castles. Begun in the 12th century, few castles can have seen as much military action and changed hands as frequently as ...

Berry Pomeroy Castle

Architecture; Castles

The ruins of Berry Pomeroy Castle, reputed to be one of the most haunted castles in Britain, stand on a steep wooded hillside above the Gatcombe Brook.

Berkhamsted Castle

Architecture; Castles

Berkhamsted Castle is a good example of a motte and bailey castle where the original wooden defences were later rebuilt in stone. It consists of a large bailey, with parts of its curtain wall still ...

Beeston Castle

Architecture; Castles

The medieval ruins of Beeston Castle stand on a rocky summit 500ft above the Cheshire plain, offering stunning views from the Pennines in the east to the mountains of Wales in the west. The ...

Bayards Cove Castle

Architecture; Castles

A single storey Tudor artillery fort built before 1534 to protect the harbour from any hostile ships that might have made it past the defences of Kingswear and Dartmouth castles.

Barnard Castle

Architecture; Castles

Barnard Castle is named after the men that built the stone castle and founded the town. In 1125 Bernard de Balliol succeeded to the lands first given to Guy de Balliol in 1095. The original timber ...

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