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A large, fortified building or set of buildings, that are usually walled.

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Carlisle Castle

Architecture; Castles

Carlisle Castle guards the western end of the border between England and Scotland. William II built the first timber castle at Carlisle in 1092, and thirty years later his brother, King Henry I, ...

Carisbrooke Castle

Architecture; Castles

Carisbrooke Castle is sited on a hill near Newport, in the middle of the Isle of Wight. Sometime around 1000 AD the Anglo Saxons built a wall around the hill to defend themselves against Viking ...

Camber Castle

Architecture; Castles

Until the late 16th century, most of the low lying ground between Rye and Winchelsea was a shallow harbour, called the Camber, protected from the sea by a long series of shingle banks. Between 1512 ...

Brougham Castle

Architecture; Castles

Brougham Castle is built next to the River Eamont on the site of an old Roman fort, Brocavum. A square keep with its entrance on the first floor and access stairs protected by a forebuilding was ...

Brough Castle

Architecture; Castles

Brough Castle was built in the 1090's in one corner of the remains of a Roman fort. It was one of the first stone castles to be built in Britain, and some of the walls show the herringbone pattern ...

Bowes Castle

Architecture; Castles

Bowes Castle stands on the site of the Roman fort of Lavatrae. The Normans recognised the strategic importance of the fort, guarding the eastern approach to the Stainmore Pass over the Pennines, and ...

Bolton Castle

Architecture; Castles

Bolton Castle dominates the Wensleydale village of Castle Bolton. The exterior of the castle looks quite complete, but the interior is mainly an empty shell, with only the west range and south-west ...

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