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A large, fortified building or set of buildings, that are usually walled.

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Etal Castle

Architecture; Castles

Etal Castle started out as a three-storey tower house, but its location near the border with Scotland made it vulnerable to attack. In 1341, the owner, Robert Manners, was granted a licence to ...

Dunster Castle

Architecture; Castles

Dunster Castle dominates a steep hill overlooking the picturesque village of Dunster. The hill has been fortified since Saxon times, although nothing now remains of these early defences. During the ...

Dunstanburgh Castle

Architecture; Castles

The best thing about Dunstanburgh Castle is its dramatic location on a crag above the sea, and the 1½ mile walk along the coast from the nearest car park. The castle was built between 1313 and 1325 ...

Dover Castle

Architecture; Castles

One of the largest castles in the country, strategically located at the shortest crossing point to continental Europe, Dover Castle has played a prominent part in national history. Its origins lie in ...

Donington Castle

Architecture; Castles

Donnington Castle is sited at the top of a hill overlooking the River Lambourne, a mile north of Newbury. A licence to crenellate his property was granted to Sir Richard Abberbury in 1386. The castle ...

Deal Castle

Architecture; Castles

Deal Castle was built by Henry VIII in 1539-40 as an artillery fortress to counter the threat of invasion from Catholic France and Spain. It was the largest of three forts constructed to defend the ...

Dartmouth Castle

Architecture; Castles

Dartmouth Castle is built on a rocky promontory at the narrowest part of the entrance to the Dart estuary, designed to protect the harbour at Dartmouth from attack by foreign vessels. A small fort ...

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