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A large, fortified building or set of buildings, that are usually walled.

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Guildford Castle

Architecture; Castles

Guildford Castle started out as a Norman motte and bailey castle, built soon after 1066. The wooden defences were replaced by stone ones during the 12th century, and the motte acquired first a shell ...

Goodrich Castle

Architecture; Castles

Godric Castle, named after its owner, Godric Mappeston, is first mentioned in a document dated 1101-02. A three-storey tower was built in the mid 12th century using stone brought by river from the ...

Framlingham Castle

Architecture; Castles

Framlingham Castle has 12 hollow towers (a 13th collapsed) connected by a large curtain wall, 13m high and 2.5m thick. The wall walk along the top is open to visitors. Roger Bigod built the castle, ...

Farnham Castle

Architecture; Castles

Farnham Castle was built by Henry of Blois, Bishop of Winchester, during the first half of the 12th century. Little is known about this early castle other than it had a tower, possibly made of stone, ...

Farleigh Hungerford Castle

Architecture; Castles

Farleigh Hungerford Castle began life as a manor house built by the Montfort family. In 1369-70 it was sold to Sir Thomas Hungerford, first Speaker of the House of Commons. He converted the property ...

Eynsford Castle

Architecture; Castles

Eynsford Castle is one of the earliest examples of a stone enclosure castle in England. It started out as a raised area of ground with a wooden tower upon it, next to the River Darent. In about 1088 ...

Edlingham Castle

Architecture; Castles

The ruins of Edlingham Castle stand next to Edlingham Burn in a rugged but attractive valley. John de Edlingham built a large two-storey Hall House in a moated enclosure in the mid 13th century. In ...

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