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pep flag

Dance; Cheerleading

The perfoming art of twirling one or two flag(s) as part of a choreographed routine.

swedish falls

Dance; Cheerleading

Center bases face each other, legs shoulder width apart, arms straight and hands on each other's shoulders, a flyer stands behind each base, facing the bases' backs. Flyers place hands on bases' ...

cradle pop

Dance; Cheerleading

A transition that connects two stunts when a flyer cradles out of the first stunt, and the bases dip and pop the flyer back into a load position. A similar stunt is a barrel roll.


Dance; Cheerleading

A section of percussion instruments usually played as part of a musical marching ensemble.

school spirit

Dance; Cheerleading

Emotional support for one's educational institution.

pep rally

Dance; Cheerleading

A gathering of people, typically students of middle school, high school and College age, before a sports event and this is to encourage school spirirt and to support members of the team for which the ...

dance squad

Dance; Cheerleading

A sport team that participates in competitive dance.

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