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Clinical trials

Clinical trials are sets of tests performed for medical research and drug development which is used to extract safety and efficacy data.

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Clinical trials


Biotechnology; Biomedical

Complication, in medicine, is an unfavorable evolution of a disease, a health condition or a medical treatment. The disease can become worse in its severity or show a higher number of signs, symptoms ...


Pharmaceutical; Clinical trials

a silvery-gold sea bream with vertical black stripes


Pharmaceutical; Clinical trials

Mangelernährung, Fehlernährung, Malnutrition

respiratory failure

Pharmaceutical; Clinical trials

unability to breath properly

mechanical ventilation

Pharmaceutical; Clinical trials

mechanical help with breathing

study coordinator

Pharmaceutical; Clinical trials

A staff person who works for the principal investigator to contact patients about enrolling in the study, schedule appointments, maintain required records and manage the day-to-day operation of the ...

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