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Colleges & universities

college education

Education; Colleges & universities

Education beyond the high school level, especially education at the college or university level where a student spends four years to earn a bachelor's degree in a specific field. The terms university ...


Education; Colleges & universities

A formal ceremony (usually held in May/June or November) where degrees, diplomas and certificates are awarded to graduating students who have completed their programs. In many colleges, students are ...


Education; Colleges & universities

A specific course or requirement that must be taken at the same time as a prescribed course.

co-operative education (Co-op)

Education; Colleges & universities

Full-time, paid work experience that alternates with academic terms.

bachelor's degree

Education; Colleges & universities

Generally, this is a first degree in an undergraduate program. It normally takes 4 years to complete for a full time student registering in 5 courses per term.


Education; Colleges & universities

To take a course for no academic credit. Auditors do not pay the full amount for a course, nor do they write examinations. Usually permissions must be obtained prior to auditing a course.

visiting student

Education; Colleges & universities

A student who is not formally admitted to a college degree program but is permitted to register for credit courses for a specified period.

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