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Education; Colleges & universities

The academic credential that is awarded to a student who has completed a particular course of study. There are three types of degrees: bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctoral degrees.

degree audit

Education; Colleges & universities

The process of matching the courses taken to the specific program requirements- making sure that you are taking the right courses to earn your degree. CAPP is the program that assists in determining ...


Education; Colleges & universities

The University of Victoria has established minimum academic standards for admission to each faculty/program. Due to demand, a higher academic standard, typically known as the cut-off, may be required ...


Education; Colleges & universities

The person who acts as the head of a faculty in a college or university.

dean’s list

Education; Colleges & universities

An academic award for students who attain a specified Grade Point Average (GPA), usually 3. 5 or higher.

curriculum advising & program planning (CAPP)

Education; Colleges & universities

Outlines the program requirements needed for degree completion and matches a student's course record against those requirements.

credit unit

Education; Colleges & universities

The unit value used to assign academic credit for a course.

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