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Colleges & universities

academic year

Education; Colleges & universities

The period of time when classes are taught which usually include the spring and fall semesters, and optional summer sessions.

adjunct professor

Education; Colleges & universities

A part-time professor hired on a contract basis. An adjunct professor usually has a full-time job outside the university and teaches occasionally.


Education; Colleges & universities

Before a student can register for courses in a college or university, he/she must be admitted into a faculty and/or program. Some faculties require the student to choose a specific program as part of ...

advanced standing

Education; Colleges & universities

Approval to register into a higher level of course work in a discipline when a student has mastered a lower level. Advance standing does reduce the number of units required for a degree.


Education; Colleges & universities

People who have graduated from a particular university, college or school. The singular form is alumnus.

fee reduction deadlines

Education; Colleges & universities

Dates by which courses must be drop to avoid tuitions or qaulify for reduced tuitions. There is usually a time period in the beginning of each term where courses may be dropped without owing tuition. ...

faculty member

Education; Colleges & universities

A member of the regular teaching staff.

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