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associated section

Education; Colleges & universities

Normally, a laboratory or tutorial that accompanies a lecture. For courses with associated sections, students must be registered in both a lecture section and an associated section. Some courses ...

associate degree

Education; Colleges & universities

A sub-degree award conferred upon completion of a 2-year degree-level program. In USA, community colleges award associate degrees. The associate degree is recognized for advanced standing to a ...

assigned texts

Education; Colleges & universities

The books chosen by the professor for your class.

advanced placement (AP) exams

Education; Colleges & universities

These are rigorous national level exams administered at high schools in USA each May. High school students can earn college credits or college placement if they achieve high AP exam grades. High AP ...

academic advising

Education; Colleges & universities

On-campus help for students to select courses, plan programs, obtain permission to take courses at other institutions, and make sure graduation requirements are complete.

academic concession

Education; Colleges & universities

A request for deferred status in a course due to illness, accident or family affliction. A student in this situation should consult with counselling services, university health services, or another ...

academic drop date

Education; Colleges & universities

Last day for dropping courses via My page without penalty of failure.

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