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This category includes terms that are in relation to the interpretation and manipulation of colors in photography. This includes any editing techniques that enhance or change color in order to improve photo quality.

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color matrix metering ii

Photography; Colors

A version of color matrix metering that does not include distance information.

color meter

Photography; Colors

A device for measuring color temperature.

color mode

Photography; Colors

The color treatment to be applied to an image, which may include global and selective modification of hue, saturation, luminance, and choice of gamut.

color options

Photography; Colors

The possible color treatments that can be applied to an image for artistic or interpretive effects.

color reproduction

Photography; Colors

The process of creating a faithful representation of a scene by photographic capture and printing.

color space

Photography; Colors

A gamut used for color reproduction.

introverted colors

Photography; Colors

Colours such as blues, greens, mauves, which induce feelings of tranquility and calm

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