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Computer hardware

Graphics cards, communications, motherboards, etc.

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Computer hardware

magnetic disk

Computer; Computer hardware

A device in a computer, such as a hard disk, that stores information as patterns of magnetism.


Computer; Computer hardware

A set of buttons pressed by the fingers in order to operate a computer. Most keys are marked with a letter, number, or symbol.

personal computer

Computer; Computer hardware

A computer that is designed to be used by one person or family. A personal computer is called as PC for short.


Computer; Computer hardware

A device that is used to store information that can be read by a computer. Hard disk store information as magnetic patterns.

Virtual private network

Computer; Computer hardware

A virtual private network (VPN) is a secure network that uses primarily public telecommunication infrastructures, such as the Internet, to provide remote offices or traveling users an access to a ...


Computer; Computer hardware

The entire interconnected set of hardware, or the way in which a network is laid out--the manner in which elements are connected.


Computer; Computer hardware

The computational and control unit of a computer. The CPU is the device that interprets and executes instructions. Mainframes and early minicomputers contained circuit boards full of integrated ...

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