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Computer hardware

Graphics cards, communications, motherboards, etc.

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Computer hardware

dynamic address translator (DAT)

Computer; Computer hardware

A hardware device used in a virtual memory system to automatically identify a virtual address inquiry in terms of a segment number, page number within the segment, and position of the record with ...

xnor (exclusive-nor)

Computer; Computer hardware

A Boolean logical operation that is true if both inputs are the same.

mask bit

Computer; Computer hardware

A bit pattern which, by convolution with a second pattern in a logical operation, can be used to isolate a specific subset of the second pattern for examination.

binary tree

Computer; Computer hardware

A tree data structure in which each node has at most two child nodes.

synchronous data link control (SDLC)

Computer; Computer hardware

A bit-oriented protocol for managing the flow of information in a data-communications system, in full, half-duplex, or multipoint modes, that uses an error-check algorithm.

command interrupt

Computer; Computer hardware

A place marker in a set of instructions which terminates the interpretation of remaining instructions by the CPU.

large-scale integration (LSI)

Computer; Computer hardware

The placement of thousands of electronic components on a single integrated circuit.

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