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Referring to any meeting of people to discuss a particular topic.

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parallel session

Convention; Conferences

Session which has some correspondence, similarity, or analogy of subject and aim is simultaneous with another session.

panel discussion

Convention; Conferences

Instructional technique using a group of people chosen to discuss a topic in the presence of an audience.

participatory learning

Convention; Conferences

Occurs when the participants share knowledge, experience and work together to learn.

package plan

Convention; Conferences

A preassembled assortment of services offered to the exhibitor at a fixed price. In catering, refers to purchasing liquor and/or food at a set price per person. For event management, it is providing ...

speaker questionnaire

Convention; Conferences

A series of questions initiated by a speaker or bureau to better understand the organization, their needs, and the audience in order to prepare for a presentation.


Convention; Conferences

Donated financial or material support, usually in exchange for recognition; Paid opportunity for entity or an exhibitor to increase its visibility at the event.


Convention; Conferences

Loudspeaker designed to reproduce high frequencies only. Tweeters are typically use at frequencies beyond the center of the audio spectrum which, if placed on a logarithmic scale like a piano ...

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