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Developmental anatomy

The study of the development of fertalized egg to adult.

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Developmental anatomy


Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

One of the cells produced by cleavage of a fertilized ovum.

branchial arches

Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

The arches extend ventrally and laterally around the pharynx in order to support the gills of lower vertebrates. The absence of gills in higher vertebrates causes these arches to be known as ...

branchial grooves

Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

The first bronchial groove is the only one that develops into an adult structure - external and auditory meatus remaining II-IV grooves eventually disappear and the ridge thus becomes smooth.


Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

The cellular, outermost extraembryonic membrane, composed of trophoblast lined with mesoderm. It develops villi about two weeks after fertilization. Villi are the threadlike projections growing in ...


Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

The fusion or blending of parts.


Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

A shell; used in anatomical nomenclature to designate a structure or part that resembles a shell in shape.


Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

The cellular (inner) layer of the trophoblast, surrounds the inner all mass.

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