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Developmental anatomy

The study of the development of fertalized egg to adult.

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Developmental anatomy

mandibular bar

Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

First of the five pharyngeal arches and is interposed between the mouth and the first ectodermal (visceral or pharyngeal) groove. The major portion, or mandibular process, of this arch forms the ...


Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

An opening or passage; general term for an opening or passageway in the body.


Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

In early stages, the mesoderm is known as the mesoblast. The mesoderm is the middle of the three primary germ layers of the embryo, lying between the ectoderm and the endoderm. It gives rise to the ...


Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

16 celled embryo. Derived from the Latin for Mulberry.


Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

Pertaining to the nasal and frontal bones.


Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

The open anterior end or the open posterior end of the neural tube of the early embryo. These openings gradually close as the tube develops, the timing of each being so precise that they are used to ...


Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

The rod-shaped body, comprised of cells from the mesoblast, below the primitive groove of the embryo, defining the primitive axis of the body.

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