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Developmental anatomy

The study of the development of fertalized egg to adult.

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Developmental anatomy


Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

Pertaining to olfaction, or the sense of smell.

olfactory pit

Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

The primordium of a nasal cavity. Each pit was created by the sinking of an olfactory placode amd os bounded by a medial and lateral nasal process.

olfactory placode

Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

An oval area of thickened ectoderm on either ventrolateral surface surface of the head or the early embryo, constituting the first indication of the olfactory organ.


Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

Arches give rise to numerous derivatives such as skeletal and muscular structures of the face, eears, pharynx and larynx. In lower vertebrates known as the branchial arches.


Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

The nuclear material of the head of the spermatozoon, after it has penetrated the ovum and acquired a pronuclear membrane.


Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

The haploid nucleus of a fully mature ovum which loses its nuclear envelope and liberates its chromosomes to meet in the synapses with those similarly derived from the male pronucleus.

primitive streak

Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

A faint white trace at the caudal end of the embryonic disc, formed by the movement of cells at the beginning of the mesoderm formation. It provides the earliest indication of the embryonic axis.

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