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Film in photography is the medium through which pictures are captured with a camera.

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contact sheet

Photography; Film

Originally a proof sheet (produced by contact printing) showing an entire roll of 35-mm film to aid in the selection of images for further enlargement, and to aid in cataloging and identification. ...

colour temperature

Photography; Film

A method of expressing the colour content and quality of light and measured in Kelvin (K). "Photographic daylight" has a colour temperature of about 5500K. Photographic tungsten lights have colour ...

film speed

Photography; Film

ISO stands for International Standards Organization and numbers such as ISO 100 or ISO 400 etc. give the sensitivity of film to light. The higher the number, the more sensitive or faster the film. ...

advanced photo system

Photography; Film

A film type introduced in 1996, enabling the taking of photos in different formats.


Photography; Film

When processing film or paper, this is the gentle movement of the photo-processing chemicals to achieve uniform results.


Photography; Film

Founded in 1880 by a high school dropout named George Eastman from upstate New York, Kodak is a multinational imaging and photographic equipment company headquartered in Rochester, New York. The ...

abstract schema

Photography; Film

The part of an entity bean's deployment descriptor that defines the bean's persistent fields and relationships. See entity bean, persistence. See also schema.

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