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Fine art

Of, or pertaining to the creation of, any visual art that was considered to have been created for purely aesthetic purposes.

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Fine art

primitive art

Arts & crafts; Fine art

Art that has imagery of folk art , it places emphasis on form and expression and often looks child like.


Arts & crafts; Fine art

A reproduction that is usually printed in unlimited quantities with a lower grade of paper and inks than a limited or open edition prints. Poster often include graphics.


Arts & crafts; Fine art

a painting, photograph, or other artistic representation of a person.


Arts & crafts; Fine art

Prints by one artist that are grouped together and sold as a set.

paper mache'

Arts & crafts; Fine art

Papier maché is an ancient art consisting of paper and a binder, such as wallpaper paste or glue.

outsider art

Arts & crafts; Fine art

refers to works by those outside of mainstream society. Outsider art broadly includes folk art and ethnic art as well as by prisoners, the mentally ill and others neither trained in art nor making ...

original prints

Arts & crafts; Fine art

Prints, such as serigraphs or original lithographs, that are created without the use of photography. They are original because every print in an edition is created directly by the artist and may ...

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