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Fine art

Of, or pertaining to the creation of, any visual art that was considered to have been created for purely aesthetic purposes.

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Fine art

aerial view

Arts & crafts; Fine art

Refers to viewing a subject from above, looking downward. Also called "birds-eye view".

aerial perspective

Arts & crafts; Fine art

Refers to creating a sense of depth in painting by imitating the way the atmosphere makes distant objects appear less distinct and more bluish than they would be if nearby. Also known as atmospheric ...


Arts & crafts; Fine art

Black, white and greys. Artwork that is executed without color.


Arts & crafts; Fine art

Thicker and stronger than tempera or watercolor paint, Acrylic is a water-based "plastic" paint.


Arts & crafts; Fine art

To stress, single out as important. As applied to art it is the emphasis given to certain elements in a painting that allows them to attract more attention. Details that define an object or piece of ...


Arts & crafts; Fine art

A process of increasing an art collection by addition; something added to what you already have ("the art collection grew through accession").

abstract expressionism

Arts & crafts; Fine art

Art that rejects true visual representation. It has few recognizable images with great emphasis on line, color, shape, texture, value; putting the expression of the feelings or emotions of the artist ...

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