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Fine art

Of, or pertaining to the creation of, any visual art that was considered to have been created for purely aesthetic purposes.

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Fine art

artist enhanced

Arts & crafts; Fine art

A term used to describe prints to which an artist has added color or washes after the piece has been printed.

art brut

Arts & crafts; Fine art

French for "raw art", the art of children and outsiders (naive artists and the mentally ill); actually, anyone not producing art for profit or recognition.

albumen print

Arts & crafts; Fine art

This printing process is used in photography printing processes. Egg whites are used in the emulsion.

alla prima

Arts & crafts; Fine art

The method of oil painting in which the desired effects of the final painting are achieved in the first application of paint as opposed to the technique of covering the canvas in layers with the ...

analogous colors

Arts & crafts; Fine art

Any set of three or five colors that are closely related in hue(s). They are usually adjacent (next) to each other on the color wheel.

applied art

Arts & crafts; Fine art

The use of the principles and elements of design to create functional pieces of works of art.

approximate symmetry

Arts & crafts; Fine art

The use of forms which are similar on either side of a central axis. They may give a feeling of the exactness or equal relationship but ar sufficiently varied to prevent visual monotony.

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