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Fine art

Of, or pertaining to the creation of, any visual art that was considered to have been created for purely aesthetic purposes.

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Fine art

chine colle

Arts & crafts; Fine art

is a sort of collage technique used in intaglio printing whereby a (usually thinner) piece of paper is adhered to a heavier sheet and printed simultaneously.

canvas print

Arts & crafts; Fine art

A reproduction in which an image is printed directly onto canvas. These prints can be produced using offset lithography, digital printing or other methods. Sometimes artists will add brush strokes ...

canvas transfer

Arts & crafts; Fine art

A reproduction in which inks are chemically lifted off a piece of paper and applied to a piece of canvas. Some processes can replicate the texture and appearance of an original painting.


Arts & crafts; Fine art

The distinctive technique in which an artist uses to apply paint with a brush onto a medium, such as canvas.


Arts & crafts; Fine art

a distinctive style of artistic handwriting created by using special pen nibs that allow a calligrapher to vary the thickness of a letter's line elements; an elegant, decorative writing, developed to ...

bright artist brushbright brush

Arts & crafts; Fine art

Refers to a brush that has the same shape as a "flat" however the hairs are not as long as those on the flat brush. (see illustration.)

bristol board

Arts & crafts; Fine art

A high quality heavy weight drawing paper, sometimes made with cotton fiber prepared or glued together, usually with a caliper thickness of 0.006" and up, used for many types of two-dimensional ...

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