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Fishing; Fishing

bass not long enough to meet state fisheries regulations or tournament standards. Typically less than 14 inches.


Fishing; Fishing

in fish, a slice of meat without bones, cut out for human consumption.


Fishing; Fishing

fish of the Family Esocidae, Order Salmoniformes (salmons, pikes and smelts).


Sports; Fishing

Various products are used to apply to dry flies leaders and sometime to fly lines to enhance their capacity to float.


Sports; Fishing

See Artificial Fly's.

fly line

Sports; Fishing

The type of fishing line that was developed and designed for fly-fishing. The line is weighted so the fisherman is able to cast comparatively weightless fly. Fly line is typically 80 to 90 feet long.

fly reel

Sports; Fishing

The piece of equipment that holds the fly line. It enables the fisherman to apply resistance on hooked fish. Fly reels are usually only used for fly-fishing.

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