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Sports; Fishing

Using fly's as opposed to bait to catch fish with.

forceps or hemostats

Sports; Fishing

Forceps are a tool that looks like pliers or vise-grips, and they are able to lock when closed. They have many uses but are used on a regular basis for taking flies out of the mouths of fish.

forward taper line

Sports; Fishing

A type of line that is made specifically for fly-fishing and is used for making long casts.


Sports; Fishing

This is a long pole that has a large and heavy metal hook on the end, and it is used to pull large fish into a boat.

game fish

Sports; Fishing

Fish that are exclusively harvested by sport (non-commercial) fishers. Game fish species including trout, bass, whitefish, steelhead and landlocked salmon.


Sports; Fishing

Kind of like lungs in humans, these are used to take oxygen out of the water. They are located right behind the head of the fish.


Sports; Fishing

This is a small fish that is usually found on riverbeds that are mostly gravel.

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