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General boating

shoal draught

Boat; General boating

Shallow draught, making the vessel capable of sailing in unusually shallow water.

traffic separation scheme

Boat; General boating

Shipping corridors marked by buoys which separate incoming from outgoing vessels. Improperly called Sea Lanes.

belaying pins

Boat; General boating

Short movable bars of iron or hard wood to which running rigging may be secured, or belayed.

dead run

Boat; General boating

See running.


Boat; General boating

Senior naval officer of Flag rank. In ascending order of seniority, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Admiral and Admiral of the Fleet (Royal Navy). Derivation Arabic, from Amir al-Bahr ("Ruler of the ...

under the weather

Boat; General boating

Serving a watch on the weather side of the ship, exposed to wind and spray.

gunner's daughter

Boat; General boating

see kissing the gunner's daughter.

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