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General boating


Boat; General boating

Small lines, by which the uppermost corners of the largest sails are secured to the yardarms.


Boat; General boating

Small fittings that slide on a rod or line. The most common use is for the inboard end of the mainsheet; a more esoteric form of traveller consists of "slight iron rings, encircling the backstays, ...


Boat; General boating

Small balls of lead fired from a cannon, analogous to shotgun shot but on a larger scale. Similar to canister shot but with larger individual shot. Used to injure personnel and damage rigging more ...


Boat; General boating

Slack off quickly and run slack to a belaying point. This order is given when a line or wire has been stopped off or falls have been four-in-hand and the hauling part is to be belayed.


Boat; General boating

Slang term for "no"; the opposite of "Yarr" or "Aye(, aye)."

shift tides

Boat; General boating

Sighting the positions of the sun and moon using a sextant and using a nautical almanac to determine the location and phase of the moon and calculating the relative effect of the tides on the ...


Boat; General boating

Short rope used to bind a cable to the "messenger" (a moving line propelled by the capstan) so that the cable is dragged along too (used where the cable is too large to be wrapped round the capstan ...

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