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General boating

cut of his jib

Boat; General boating

The "cut" of a sail refers to its shape. Since this would vary between ships, it could be used both to identify a familiar vessel at a distance, and to judge the possible sailing qualities of an ...


Boat; General boating

symbolic image at the head of a traditional sailing ship or early steamer.

wearing ship

Boat; General boating

Tacking away from the wind in a square-rigged vessel. See also Gybe.

swinging the lamp

Boat; General boating

Telling sea stories. Referring to lamps slung from the deckhead which swing while at sea. Often used to indicate that the story teller is exaggerating.


Boat; General boating

Strictly, a three-masted vessel square-rigged on all three masts, or on three masts of a vessel with more than three. Hence a ship-rigged barque would be a four master, square-rigged on fore, main ...

ship's bell

Boat; General boating

Striking the ship's bell is the traditional method of marking time and regulating the crew's watches.

heaving to

Boat; General boating

Stopping a sailing vessel by lashing the helm in opposition to the sails. The vessel will gradually drift to leeward, the speed of the drift depending on the vessel's design.

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