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General boating


Boat; General boating

The amount that a ship is blown leeward by the wind. See also weatherly.


Boat; General boating

The (illegal) practice of mixing cargo with garbage.

afternoon watch

Boat; General boating

The 1200-1600 watch.


Boat; General boating

The aft or trailing edge of a fore-and-aft sail; the leeward edge of a spinnaker; a vertical edge of a square sail. The leech is susceptible to twist, which is controlled by the boom vang, mainsheet ...


Boat; General boating

The aft-most mast of a fore-and-aft or gaff-rigged vessel such as schooners, barquentines, and barques. A full-rigged ship has a spanker sail but not a spanker-mast (see Jigger-mast).

propeller walk or prop walk

Boat; General boating

tendency for a propeller to push the stern sideways. In theory a right hand propeller in reverse will walk the stern to port.


Boat; General boating

The "ceiling," or, essentially, the bottom of the deck above you.

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