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General gaming

Konami code

Video games; General gaming

An input code for many games, invented and particularly used in Konami games. The code is Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. The code is now in over 100 games and has varying ...

Cow Clicker

Video games; General gaming

A satirical Facebook game released in July 2010 by Ian Bogost that highlighted the exploitative and mundane nature of many other popular games such as Farmville. The game is purposefully ultra-basic ...

boss rush

Video games; General gaming

A special mode that pits a player against bosses only, skipping the intermediate sections normally present.


Video games; General gaming

A projection of a previous player's movements throughout a stage. Especially common in racing games where the ghost will move through a course at the same time as the player to allow the player a ...


Video games; General gaming

The leading digital distribution system for video games and related media. Originally conceived as a method only for the distribution of Valve Software's own game Half Life 2, it soon grew to ...


Video games; General gaming

The generic name for the system of meta-rewards given to players for achieving goals in video games. Popular examples are Microsoft's GamerScore system, Sony's Trophy system, or Valve's Steam ...


Video games; General gaming

A run through an entire game or a smaller section that aims for completion as fast as possible. Often involves heavy use of exploits, glitches and player skill to shave seconds off the final time.

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