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General law

Common terminology used in legal business.

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General law

affidavit of service

Law; General law

It is a written statement in which one swears that a party has been served with legal documents.


Law; General law

An appellate court may uphold or affirm the trial court's decision if the appellate court agrees with the trial court's decision.

affirmative defense

Law; General law

It is a form of defense in which the defendant affirms or admits that some allegation did occur, but explains that the fault lies somewhere else.

all fours

Law; General law

All fours means two relevant cases, the client's and one found through research in the law library, which are significantly similar.


Law; General law

This term is pertaining to law;permitted by law;lawful;connected with law, or its administration and legal profession.


Law; General law

A person whose profession is to represent his or her clients in the court of law or advise or act for clients in other legal matters is called as a lawyer.


Law; General law

To brief a case means to provide symmetrization of the case's facts and analyze the specific legal issues.

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