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General law

Common terminology used in legal business.

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General law

attorney-client priviledge

Law; General law

A client can refuse to testify about communications between the client and his attorney.Th eclient can also prevent his attorney from from testifying.

deposition index

Law; General law

A list of the most critical events, people, places, or things in alphabetical order, indicating what pages those matters are referred to in the deposition.


Law; General law

An area surrounding a house used for household purposes is termed as curtilage in legal terminology.


Legal services; General law

A motion to dismiss without answering specific allegations in the complaint.This motion argues that even if the allegations are true, a cause of action has not been established.


Law; General law

An intentional act caused by a defendant which brings about harmful or offensive contact to plaintiff's person.

contingent fee

Law; General law

An attorney's fee that represents a percentage of the amount awarded at court or through settlement.

direct evidence

Legal services; General law

This evidence is usually from personal observation and it tends to establish a fact without the need of an inference.

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