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Geography; Geography

An island that has a shape of a ring and is made of coral. Atolls are surrounded by deep ocean water but have a shallow lagoon at their center.

continental drift

Geography; Geography

The slow movement of the Earth's continents toward or away from each other. Continents move a few inches every year.


Geography; Geography

Flat land that lies on either side of a river. A floodplain is made up of sediments such as sand, silt, and clay.

Frigid Zone

Geography; Geography

Either of two regions of the Earth that are farthest away from the equator. The Frigid Zones have cold weather all year.


Geography; Geography

A long layer of sediment or rocks that look alike and were formed at the same time.


Geography; Geography

Native to a certain region and not occurring naturally any-where else. Kangaroos are endemic to Australia.


Geography; Geography

A rock with light and dark layers that are often folded into curves.It is made mainly of the mineral quartz and feldspar.

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