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Geography; Geography

North Indian 20th century weaving town.


Geography; Geography

Joplin, Missouri is the site of severe tornados in 2011.

Wadi Rum

Geography; Geography

A valley located in Southern Jordan, approximately 60 km east of the port city of Aqaba. The valley is historically known as the headquarters for T.E. Lawrence and Prince Feisal Bin Hussein during ...


Geography; Geography

A tectonic structure in which strata are folded so as to form an arch or dome (i e convex on top).


Geography; Geography

A consolidated mass of rock forming part of a continent or mountain range which has relatively uniform characteristics.

carboniferous period

Geography; Geography

The period of geological time which began roughly 350 million years ago and ended roughly 280 million years ago, the period in which most coal seams originated in Northwest Europe.


Geography; Geography

A formation in the upper strata of the Jurassic Period that contains both source and reservoir rocks.

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