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Hair style

Hair coloring and cut styles as a fashion practice.

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Hair style


Beauty; Hair style

Originally an East African style, braids were used as a means of communication, which distinguished the wealth or the social stature of a person. It was also a social event for women as this would ...

trim split ends

Beauty; Hair style

To keep from trimming too much, you might want to lightly press your hair before you do this. Trimming split ends encourages hair growth and reduces breakage.


Beauty; Hair style

Use detangling shampoo and conditioner to do this, as well as a wide tooth comb. This is most important for those who are transitioning.


Beauty; Hair style

Apply a leave in conditioner and cover for 30 minutes. This makes your hair stronger.

lots of moisture

Beauty; Hair style

Keep your hair moisturized with the use of deep conditioning treatments. Or simply, using a spray bottle, spray your hair with a mix of water and your favorite moisturizer. This keeps your hair soft ...

free hair styles

Beauty; Hair style

Wear braids or twists as often as possible. This makes your hair manageable and protects your hair from breakage and becoming dry.

satin or silk

Beauty; Hair style

Use silk pillow cases or scarves to keep your hair from drying out or falling out while you sleep.

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