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Hair style

Hair coloring and cut styles as a fashion practice.

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Hair style

bob cut

Beauty; Hair style

It is a cut cut that is a short to mid-length. The hair is cut straight about the head at jaw level, and may or may not have bangs or a fringe. In 1890's this style was not considered respectable, ...

petal style fro

Beauty; Hair style

Looks much like an afro. Gather 2 or 3 locs at a time (depending the length of your hair), fold them to the desired length and secure them with a rubber band. It may take a while to do, but the final ...

bantu knot hawk

Beauty; Hair style

Section your hair accordingly, and flat twist both sides of your hair towards the center of your head securing them with a rubber band. With the remaining hair at the top of your head roll them into ...


Beauty; Hair style

Elvis Priestly and Johnny Cash made this a popular style in the 1950's, but the loced men and women are bringing it back. Begin by doing a basket weave braid from the back to the front of your hair. ...

loc bow

Beauty; Hair style

Much like the regular hair bow, the loc bow is done by first tying a pony tail at the center of your head, the dividing that pony tail into 3 part (top, left and right). The left and right will be ...

flat twist faux hawk

Beauty; Hair style

Flat Twist Faux Hawk This is a beautiful flat twisted updo that mimics a mowhawk style by twisting the hair down the center of your head.


Beauty; Hair style

Intentionally formed, matted coils of hair. May be done by various methods, including back combing, interlocking, or not combing. Said to have originated in North Africa, locks migrated south to ...

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