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Hair style

Hair coloring and cut styles as a fashion practice.

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Hair style

acid mantle

Beauty; Hair style

The combination of sweat and sebum that provides the skin’s protective coating.

acid perm

Beauty; Hair style

An acid perm produces permanent hair waves with curls that are actually softer than an alkaline perm. It also has a pH from 6.5 to 8.0.

Glam perm

Beauty; Hair style

Indicating big wave curly-hair style like a mermaid. Natural big-wave curls from the line of a jaw to below shoulder.


Beauty; Hair style

A syer is a portable hairdryer like the ones you may have at home but the difference is that is works silently and therefore is completely noise free.

Ballon perm

Fashion; Style, cut & fit

Curly hair style S-shaped or SS-shaped. Ballon perm style is not affordable for short hair but medium-length hair and long-hair. Medium-length is the most suitable for cute Ballon-style and long-hair ...

Magic perm

Beauty; Hair style

It is an abbreviation of Magic straight perm. With heat-straightening irons, magic straightened-hair style keeps longer and shinier than normally straightened hair.

Two-block cut

Fashion; Style, cut & fit

Hair style that has a border between upper and side-hair by cutting side-hair shortly. Its name originated in that it looks like two-block separated by the border.

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