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Hair style

Hair coloring and cut styles as a fashion practice.

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Hair style


Beauty; Hair style

The hair cuticles form a protective layer which covers the shaft of hair. If your hair is coloured or bleached they can spread out, split or become bloated due to over processing. Which is why if you ...


Beauty; Hair style

A Diffuser is an adapter you put on the end of your hair dryer; it’s generally circular with a number of pins sticking out from it.


Beauty; Hair style

Feathering is a cutting technique hairdressers use to take hard lines out of the hair. By cutting into the hair softer lines are created.

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Beauty; Hair style

The hair is twisted in the hand before cutting to allow it to fall evenly, connecting the whole look together even when the cut is a complicated mix of long and short.


Beauty; Hair style

The soft area between the rib cage and the pubic area. A common area for excess hair, often in a line from the belly button to the pubic hair.


Beauty; Hair style

The process of scraping or wearing hair away. Causing partial or complete absence of hair from areas.


Beauty; Hair style

A liquid, usually corrosive with a pH lower than 7, opposite of an alkali.

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