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Heavy & civil

fuel point

Construction; Heavy & civil

The lowest temperature of the specimen when the steam burned for at least 5 seconds when the test flame is passed. Point temperature of the fuel must be corrected on the air barometric pressure 101.3 ...

type of action

Construction; Heavy & civil

In certain cases the action could increase the total response of the bridge (reduces security) on one side of the bridge, but it reduces the total response (increase security) on the other. Takdapat ...

level of risk

Construction; Heavy & civil

Level of structural damage, the possibility of falling objects or rolled after terjadinyakerusakan quake.

or noise reduction rate insertion loss

Construction; Heavy & civil

Effectiveness of a barrier material to reduce noise levels by reflecting and absorbing sound waves energy.

component failure rate structure

Construction; Heavy & civil

The extent of damage of structural components made in the five levels of damage, namely: the 1sampai with 5 being used for emergency examination and inspection of the damage classification.

the extent of damage

Construction; Heavy & civil

Overall level of physical damage or building parts that mengalamikerusakan quake.

volume indication

Construction; Heavy & civil

Volume of water designated by the water meter, according to the actual volume.

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