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Any of various equine mammals, or even certain extinct forms related ancestrally to the modern horse.

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andravida horse

Animals; Horses

The Andravida or Ellis valley horse, is a light riding draft breed found in the region of Ilia in Greece. It owes its development to the crossing of Anglo-Norman with local breeds with additional ...


Animals; Horses

The Anglo-Arabian or Anglo-Arab is a crossbred horse that now also has its own status as a horse breed. It is a Thoroughbred (thus, the prefix "Anglo") crossed with an Arabian. The cross can be made ...


Animals; Horses

The anglo-kabarda is a breed of horse that is a cross between the Kabarda and the Thoroughbred.


Animals; Horses

A petite, wild horse of the North American plains originated from the family of Arabian horses. The mustang horses were brought to America by Spanish explorers.


Animals; Horses

An aid is an action by a part of the rider's or handler's body to a part of the horse's body to cause the horse to react in a particular way. An aid is almost never used alone but always used in ...


Animals; Horses

A path. Also to follow.


Animals; Horses

Highly collected and cadenced trot in place.

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