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Facilities that are established for the purpose of temporary housing for guests.

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press trips

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Organized trips for travel writers and broadcasters for the purpose of assisting them in developing stories about tourism destinations. Often, journalists travel independently, though with the ...

peaks and valleys

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

The high and low end of the travel season. Travel industry marketers plan programs to build consistent year-round business and event out the “peaks and valleys. ”

pay TV

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Movies on demand. It is a process which enables you to watch movies anytime you want. The movie visualization is charged by the hotel on your extras bill.


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

The name given to an assembly of components under a one price system. Typically, the core package price would include: return transportation, ground transfers, baggage handling, accommodation, one or ...


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

A situation in which more room reservations have been taken by a hotel than what the hotel is able to accommodate. Hotels that use overbooking as a policy are increasingly being targeted by tour ...


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

A percentage indicating the number of bed nights sold (compared to number available) in a hotel, resort, motel or destination.


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

The percentage of available rooms occupied for a given period of consecutive time. This figure is calculated by dividing the number of rooms occupied for a period by the number of rooms available for ...

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