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Facilities that are established for the purpose of temporary housing for guests.

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visitors center

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Travel information center located at a destination to make it easier for visitors to plan their stay; often operated by a convention and visitors bureau, chamber of commerce or tourism promotion ...

tour wholesaler

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

An individual or company that sells tour packages and tour product to travel agents. Tour wholesalers usually receive a 20% discount from accommodations, transportation companies and attractions and ...


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

A marketing and equity financing concept which permits participants to enjoy vacation accommodation for a fixed, one time amount for life, or shorter contracted period. According to the American ...


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Those businesses that provide industry products like accommodations, transportation, car rentals, restaurants and attractions.

destination marketing organization

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Local tourism marketing organizations, such as convention and visitors bureaus or chambers of commerce.

destination marketing

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Marketing a city, state, country, area or region to consumers and trade.

destination clubs

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

The newest entrant to lodging, this niche most closely resembles country clubs in ownership structure. While developers of destination clubs expect to branch out into other price segments, for now ...

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