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Facilities that are established for the purpose of temporary housing for guests.

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Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

A hotel, resort, attraction, city, region, or state.

credit card commissions

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

A fee paid to credit card companies based upon a contracted percentage of credit card charges accepted.

courtesy tray

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

It is a tray, nicely put at your disposal in your hotel room, on which you will find all you need to savour a hot drink, and a kettle.

cooperative partner

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

An independent firm or organization which works with a tourism office by providing cash or in-kind contributions to expand the marketing impact of the tourism office's program.

cooperative marketing

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Marketing programs involving two or more participating companies, institutions or organizations.

co-op advertising

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Advertising funded by two or more destinations and /or suppliers.

conversion study

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Research study to analyze whether advertising respondents actually were converted to travelers as a result of advertising and follow-up material.

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