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Human evolution

Otherwise known as anthropogeny; anything of or relating to the study of the origin and evolution of Homo sapiens as a distinct species from other hominids, great apes and placental mammals.

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Human evolution


Archaeology; Human evolution

Theoretical approach which, when applied ot human societies, sees changes as the product of large-scale environmental, economic, and social forces with the assumption that what individual humans ...


Archaeology; Human evolution

A generalized term used to describe a flake tool that has a retouched edge angle of approximately 60º to 90º.


Archaeology; Human evolution

A stage during which the migration of the daughter chromosomes to the two poles is completed.


Archaeology; Human evolution

Central region in a bacterial cell in which the chromosome is compacted.


Archaeology; Human evolution

Of or pertaining to stone.

peripatric speciation

Archaeology; Human evolution

Speciation at the periphery, through the modification of a peripherally isolated founder population.

piriform aperture

Archaeology; Human evolution

The pear-shaped nasal opening of the skull; anterior nasal aperture.

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