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Medical; Illness

It is a painful medical condition involving the joints, muscles, or connective tissues of the body and the patient is described as rheumatic.


Medical; Illness

A substance that causes the body to make antibodies. Antigens are recognized by special cells as not belonging in the body.


Medical; Illness

A disease that is caused by bacteria and that is usually seen in cows and sheep. It is most often spread to people through the skin.

Black Death

Medical; Illness

An epidemic of bubonic plague in the 14Th century that began in Asia and swept through Europe.


Medical; Illness

Something that can cause a person to develop cancer and chemical compound found in cigarettes are carcinogens.

bubonic plague

Medical; Illness

A fatal disease in which a person vomits, has severe diarrhea, and has swollen lumps.


Medical; Illness

An infection of the small intestine caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae.

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