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Information technology

The acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of information by electronics-based of computing and telecommunications.

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Information technology

data furnace

Technology; Information technology

A server or other computational system that uses its heat byproducts to heat a home. The idea aims to solve two problems with a single solution - First, families are finding it harder to heat their ...


Technology; Information technology

The use of scientific knowledge to make new and better products and to find new and better ways of making things.


Technology; Information technology

The application of computer technology to the management of biological information. Specifically, it is the science of developing computer databases and algorithms to facilitate and expedite ...


Technology; Information technology

A new series of laptops being produced by the Bangladesh state owned telecoms company Telephone Shilpa Sangstha. The cheapest model will be sold for the affordable price of $130 as part of the ...

Bionic Ear

Technology; Information technology

This is an assistive technology that is useful for all students with hearing impairments. The teacher wears a microphone cuffed to his/her shirt. The student wears a listening device which is ...


Technology; Information technology

The program recommends words students can use when writing. It also offers spoken feedback to help students find mistakes. The program is used by children of all ages and has a set vocabulary for all ...

Talk Pad

Technology; Information technology

This is like a picture schedule for students with disabilities such as ASD. Many students with ASD have trouble following a schedule that is different than their normal routines. Teachers have to use ...

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