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Israeli history

The history of Israel encompasses the history of the modern State of Israel, as well as that of the Jews in the Land of Israel.

Contributors in Israeli history

Israeli history

Joseph Albo

History; Israeli history

Author of Sefer Ha-Ikkarim, "The Book of Principles", a major work of Jewish thought written in Spain in 1425.


History; Israeli history

Auxiliary forced labor camp linked administratively to one of the major concentration camps. There were thousands of sub-camps in the concentration camp system, which numbered nearly 3,000 camps.


History; Israeli history

Babylonian emperor who captured Jerusalem in 586 B.C.E., ending the First Temple period.

Hiddur Mitzvah

History; Israeli history

Beautifying the Mitzvah. Concept of going beyond the bare requirements of a mitzvah by using only the finest quality items to carry it out.

Bishop Konrad Graf von Preysing

History; Israeli history

Became Bishop of Berlin in 1935, attacked Nazi policies in his various sermons. Known to have met frequently with Military Resisters, is said to have given a personal blessing to Klaus von ...


History; Israeli history

Believing in or characterized by unquestioning obedience to authority, as that of a dictator, rather than individual freedom of judgment and action.

Birkat Hamalshinim

History; Israeli history

Benediction concerning heretics. A prayer that invoked divine wrath upon Christian Jews and other heterodox Jewish groups. Twelfth section of the shemoneh esreh.

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