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Israeli history

The history of Israel encompasses the history of the modern State of Israel, as well as that of the Jews in the Land of Israel.

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Israeli history


History; Israeli history

Aristotle was a famous Greek thinker (died in 322 B.C.E.), a student of Plato, whose interpretation of what constitutes reality (metaphysics, ontology) and of how reality is organized was widely ...


History; Israeli history

Aron hakodesh, lit. holy chest. The cabinet where the Torah scrolls are kept. The word has no connection with Noah's Ark, which is “teyvat” in Hebrew.

Heinrich Himmler

History; Israeli history

(1900-1945) As head of the SS and the secret police, Himmler had control over the vast network of Nazi concentration and extermination camps, the Einsatzgruppen, and the Gestapo. Himmler committed ...

Asefat ha-Nivcharim

History; Israeli history

Assembly of the chosen. Representative assembly elected by Jews in Palestine during the period of the British Mandate (1920-48)

B’shaah Tova

History; Israeli history

At a good hour. Congratulations to an expectant mother Also the correct response to the announcement of a marriage engagement. In both cases, it is in anticipation of a “mazel tov” for something ...


History; Israeli history

Attendant/tax collector. Title of the person in charge of organizing synagogue services. A gabbai's other roles include calling individuals up to the Torah for an aliyah and standing beside the ...

Levi Yitzhak (ben Meir) of Berdichev

History; Israeli history

(c. 1740-1819) Author of K'dushat Levi, collected sermons based on the parashah; Hasidic master; Poland.

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